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IMG_0395Welcome to Vancouver Psychotherapy! We are a sister site to Mindful You Therapy┬áCentre, Vancouver’s leading choice for counselling and psychotherapy.

Michael A. Gordon, MSc., is CEO and clinical director of Mindful You Therapy Centre. While┬áMichael offers verbal psychotherapy (talk therapy), he specializes in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) as it relieves the client from the stigma, shame and burden of the ‘why’ of their condition. Rather, it is a physiologically-oriented process based on accelerating self-healing by allowing the memory networks of the brain and nervous system to ‘re-metabolize’ and thus let go of past traumatic experience. EMDR is the most clinically researched and recommended treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has superb clinical outcome results for anxiety, depression, addiction, and many other issues.

With 20 years experience in the field of mental health and personal development, Michael offers a compassionate and sophisticated approach to treatment. Emphasis is placed on helping the client find the root causes of suffering, anxiety or unease, from their early family history, through present relationships to desired future outcomes. From an therapeutic standpoint, the focus is on first helping the client develop emotional awareness of underlying beliefs and behavioural patterns towards making more positive, holistic choices in their life.

…A testimonial from one of Michael’s clients:

“My experience with Michael and his use of EMDR was absolutely astounding. Instead of hashing out old, painful memories for hours on end, Michael efficiently identified areas to target with EMDR and we were able to address them almost immediately.

I had EMDR years ago with another counselor, and it was a negative experience because I was not informed of the actual purpose or methodology used in EMDR. Michael explains the process clearly and concisely. He provides a comfortable, safe environment that allows you to dig deep into places you may not otherwise visit–all the while guiding you to find the answers within that have been there all along.

I have recommended Michael to many of my friends and would encourage anyone intrigued with EMDR and looking for a wonderful counselor to call him. He changed my life for the better.”
Keyla Ohs, Vancouver BC

Come see why Michael is the leading choice for psychotherapy in Vancouver, BC!